The Team

The team at Salmond Reed Architects, Auckland, is able to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your heritage architecture projects. We can help you with all of the following services in-house:
  • Architectural design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Condition surveys
  • Project administration
  • Specialist heritage advice
The team at Salmond Reed Architects is passionate about ensuring the on-going use of historic places, and we’ve got the experience and know-how to make your project a success.

Meet the team at Salmond Reed Architects:

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Jeremy_Salmond_002Jeremy Salmond
Founding Director

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Loyd_Macomber_002Lloyd Macomber
Registered Architect

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Rosalie_Stanley_002Rosalie Stanley
Registered Architect, Director

PHPhilip Hartley Chartered Building Surveyor

resized__123x173_Tracey_Hartley_2_copyTracey Hartley
Chartered Building Surveyor

PGPhilip Graham
Registered Architect

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Peter_Reed_001Peter Reed
Registered Senior Architect

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Richard_Bollard_002Richard Bollard
Senior Heritage Consultant

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Ali_DeHora_005Ali DeHora
Conservation Architect

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Judy_Ayton_002_1Judy Ayton
Financial Administration

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Cathy_Flanagan_002_1Cathy Flanagan
Office Administration

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Anne_Shanks_002_1Anne Shanks

Salmond_Reed_Architects_Arne_Cobb_002_1Arne Cobb
Senior Architectural Graduate

CandidaCandida Rolla
Architectural Graduate

resized__117x173_Laury_van_der_Linden_1Laury van der Linden 
Architectural Graduate

resized__120x173_Pamela_Dziwulska_web_site_1Pamela Dziwulska 
Registered Architect
Rachel Dawkins_1Rachel Allen  
Registered Architect
rachel_1Rachel Logie
Registered Architect

seankSean Kisby
ARB UK Registered Architect

ssSebastian Sayers

Architectural Graduate

Complaints and Compliance Manager