Allendale House, 50 Ponsonby Road: Colour Scheme

Allendale House is an ornate Italianate villa now functioning as a corporate office for the ASB Community Trust.

Typical of its time, the house is constructed from plastered brick, with wooden floors and a slate roof. Originally the exterior finish would have been simply unpainted, plastered masonry with colour being used only on the joinery. However, during its history paint had been applied overall and, as part of a total services upgrade and refurbishment of the building, it was proposed to select an appropriate new colour scheme.

The challenge lay in avoiding the temptation to over-emphasise with colour the rich decorative detailing of the building, instead opting to convey an under-standing of the total composition by selecting colours that reference the original lime-based plaster finish. Articulation of the detail, instead of being ‘picked out’ in a variety of colours, is achieved, as originally conceived, through the play of light and shadow on similarly coloured decorative elements.

This colour scheme received a
RESENE TOTAL COLOUR Maestro Award 2013 
and a 2013 NZIA RESENE Colour Award

The exterior palette is echoed in an equally restrained interior scheme where, under differing lighting conditions the colours work to reflect a generosity, warmth and energy befitting the home of Australasia’s largest philanthropic Trust.

Although deliberately limited, the interior palette nevertheless demonstrates and emphasises an understanding of the hierarchy of architectural elements which typify the villa style, while at the same time recognising the contemporary function of the house as a corporate office.

Allendale’s heritage status (listings with both NZHPT and Auckland Council) meant that consultation with and approval by both authorities was an essential part of the process and a resource consent application was a necessary pre-requisite to any repainting.

Additionally, an awareness of the position the building holds in the hearts of the neighbourhood which “owns” it was also a very positive influence guiding the direction of the resultant colour scheme.

Allendale House

Allendale Annexe

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