Auckland Metro Rail Network Electrification: Heritage Assessment

This 2008 project was commissioned by Barker Associates (Planners) on behalf of their client, ON TRACK as part of a scoping exercise to understand the issues associated with the electrification of the Auckland Metropolitan Railway lines.

The heritage assessment identified the built rail heritage within the Auckland corridor as a part of a series of documents aimed at determining the effects of electrification on the various remaining tracks, railway buildings and structures.

Work included compilation of an historic chronology by consultant historian, Kate Hill, development of assessment criteria and a detailed inventory of all sites and structures in the defined study area, broken down into parts of the lines a

they have developed historically :

Western Line Newmarket – Swanson

  2. Britomart – Penrose – Onehunga
  3. Penrose – Papakura (including Manukau Branch)
  4. Eastern Diversion City - Westfield

Within these sections of the designated Rail Corridor, the study identified items that already have recognised heritage value, along with those that have potential value. Immediately adjacent historic resources were also noted where deemed worthy of consideration in the upgrade process.

The final section of the assessment summarised the issues and made recommendations for the appropriate heritage management of the items highlighted.

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