Auckland Waterfront Study

Waterfront Auckland – an Auckland Council Organisation, commissioned Salmond Reed Architects to undertake a heritage study of the Waterfront Auckland area which extends from Teal Park in the east, through the CBD and Freeman’s Bay to Point Erin Park in the west. 
This study was intended to form the basis for a proposed “heritage trail” publication.

Each of the bays and headlands in the area was considered in turn for the study, which included areas such as the container terminal, wharves and historic city warehouses, the Viaduct Basin and the Wynyard Quarter.

With the assistance of contract historian, Kate Hill, a chronology of development and important events was distilled from books, archival maps and photographs. This then formed the background to compilation of a list of all known heritage items, including geological features, archaeological, Maori heritage and ecological sites, historic buildings, objects and trees brought together from existing Auckland Council and New Zealand Historic Places Trust lists.


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