Birkenhead War Memorial

North Shore City commissioned Salmond Reed Architects to restore the War Memorial in Birkenhead’s Nell Fisher Reserve in conjunction with the erection of the new Library building behind it. The brief was to restore the memorial to its original condition and appearance.

The monument, which has a category A listing, had been unveiled in 1927 as a memorial to soldiers killed in WWI. It was constructed from granite slabs supported on a concrete plinth and topped by a cast bronze filigree ensemble incorporating cast bronze laurel wreaths.

This structure, in turn, supported an electrically illuminated sphere. The memorial plaques were attached to the middle granite section and the monument also originally included a drinking fountain.

Over the years it had fallen into disrepair.

The repair works involved completely disassembling the monument to allow access to the plumbing works and for the repair/replacement of the various components. The work included full replacement, in cast bronze, of the entire top portion as a reproduction of the original casting.

The result has been a positive enhancement to the revitalised reserve area.

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