Campbell Free Kindergarten

Built in 1910 in Victoria Park, Auckland the Campbell Free Kindergarten was named after its benefactor Sir John Logan Campbell.  It was one of the first free kindergartens, possibly the first to occupy a purpose built building and is a rare surviving example of its kind.  In 2000 Salmond Reed Architects was engaged to prepare a heritage assessment and in 2008, a conservation plan.  At that stage much of the internal fabric of the building had been destroyed by fire and water ingress and the building was in poor condition.

A proposal to use part of the building for electrical services for the Victoria Park Tunnel and the ground floor rooms for community purposes was advanced in 2010 by the Victoria Park Alliance. 

This was the building’s saviour and Salmond Reed was engaged as conservation architects for the project to oversee implementation of conservation plan policies and ensure that the adaptive reuse of the building involved the minimum loss of cultural values and heritage fabric.  

The building required seismic strengthening, reconstruction of lost walls and windows, ceilings and floors. The principal ground floor spaces have been returned to their former state.  This has been achieved through detailed reference to old photographs, the reinstatement of lath and plaster walls and the analysis of paint samples to accurately determine original colour schemes.

Campbell Free Kindergarten colour scheme

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