Conservation Plan for Newman Hall

The 1864 residence now known as Newman Hall is at the top of a steeply sloping wedge-shaped site at 16 Waterloo Quadrant. This site once contained a freshwater spring which supplied pre-European settlers and ships at berth during the early settlement of the city.

In 2005, Auckland City declared its intention to add Newman Hall as a Category A heritage item to the CBD District Plan Schedule.

Salmond Reed Architects was commissioned to prepare a Conservation Plan which comprises a section documenting its origins, history, associations and architecture, a section which evaluates and states the cultural significance of the place, both through its component parts and in its totality, a section describing the factors affecting the conservation of the place and a conclusion, drawing on all previous sections, which outlines detailed conservation policy for the future of the place and includes a range of policies for the adaptation and use of the place.

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