Contextual Historical Overview for Dunedin City

Salmond Reed became involved in this project for Dunedin City in 2009, working in conjunction with historian, Michael Findlay, archaeologist, Peter Petchey and landscape historian, John Adam.

The thematic study, a lead project in the review and updating of the Dunedin City Council heritage inventory, aimed to provide a contextual historical framework to inform future projects. It discussed Dunedin City as a “Cultural Landscape”, a concept that has become an accepted method to understand historic heritage in the widest context.

It was not intended to be an exhaustive research document but, rather, the first part of a potentially multi-staged project, to initiate the on-going and more detailed process for the identification of a

comprehensive range of tangible and intangible heritage values and items including built and modified landscapes, places, structures and features, that define the diverse and distinctive character of Dunedin City, to show what makes it unique in New Zealand and within the Pacific Rim.

Drawing on Salmond Reed’s experience in a similar study for Christchurch City, it identified a range of themes, addressed general points and relevant current listings, identified gaps and made recommendations for further additions to the schedules.

The report concluded with a number of specific recommendations and guidance for possible further research.

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