Couldrey Homestead, Wenderholm: Colour Scheme

This large 1857 homestead, surrounded by lush gardens, sits within the seaside Wenderholm Regional Park north of Auckland and is open for public viewing. Although having undergone many alterations during its history, it remains predominantly Victorian-Edwardian in style.

The most significant renovations were carried by the Couldrey family who owned the house from 1957 to 1973. The Regional Council therefore deemed it appropriate to reference the Couldrey era when considering a new colour scheme and briefed Salmond Reed accordingly.

Paint scrapings were analysed and the colours revealed were supported by photographs from the Couldrey period, indicating a grey/blue colour scheme with white trim elements and a light roof – colours which referenced the sea and the sky and gave the house a certain “Cape Cod”, seaside feeling appropriate to its tranquil, rural location.

These factors influenced, without scrupulously dictating, the 2010 colour selections, which were initially presented to the Regional Council in the form of coloured sketches, elevations and colour swatches, later expanded into a full paint specification for the Council’s contractors.

The palette of soft grey greens, highlighted with sunnier creams and yellows, achieves a sensitive enhancement of this significant historic homestead.


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