Dominion Road Corridor: Heritage Assessment

This commission involved a comprehensive ‘heritage landscape’ study of all identified and potential heritage places and items along the Dominion Road corridor from View Road to SH 20. It included an examination of not just buildings, but also geological sites, trees and vegetation and other features such as rock walls, fences and street furniture.

The built environment along this wide Auckland roadway is a snapshot of strip retail development from the 1880s until the 1950s and beyond, before American styled shopping malls became the preferred retail environment during the early 1960s.

From the outset, Dominion Road has been an important arterial road and over the years it has been progressively widened, with consequent cutting back of verandahs, removal of verandah posts and narrowing of footpaths. With the redevelopment of the Balmoral Road intersection, the demolition of important corner buildings had also taken place.

Salmond Reed’s report, carried out with assistance from contract historian, Susan Yoffe, and heritage landscapes consultant, John Adam, was intended, in conjunction with an archaeological assessment by others, to better inform future proposed Dominion Road widening and shopping centre improvements.

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