Contextual Historical Overview for Christchurch City

In 2004/05 (prior to the devastating 2010/11 earthquakes) Christchurch City Council’s Heritage Planning division invited Salmond Reed, within a wider team of specialist consultants, to provide a study intended to assist Council to better manage the City’s historic resources.

This was the first historic contextual thematic study to be undertaken on a city scale in New Zealand and it later became the basis for similar reviews for Auckland, Dunedin and North shore Cities.

It involved the preparation of an historical overview, identifying themes around which to develop a thematic framework for the City. Such themes included: the land and people, transport, communications, buildings of various types, the

economy and industry, arts, culture, sports, religion education and governance amongst many other sub-themes that define the tangible and intangible heritage values and items that make Christchurch City unique within its New Zealand context.

Existing heritage listings were reviewed in the light of this thematic structure and gaps in the lists were identified, along with under-represented item types and groups.

Recommendations were then made on updating and expanding the existing heritage inventory to be included in the District Plan.

The completed document was published on the Council’s website.

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