Information Centre for Hobsonville Land Company Ltd

Hobsonville Point, a peninsula edging the upper reaches of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, was formerly a defence base, but is now being developed into a master-planned residential community.

Full development of the site is expected to take at least 10 years and the enormous project is being facilitated by the Hobsonville Land Company (HLC), a subsidiary of Housing New Zealand.

HLC’s vision for Hobsonville Point is that of a sustainable community embodying quality urban development with an environmentally responsible focus. The company’s overarching vision is to build a strong community by providing a range of well designed, well built, and energy efficient homes with an environmentally responsible focus.

Amenities like parks, schools and local shops and businesses are being facilitated concurrent with residential development to help create a vibrant place with a thriving community. Part of the vision includes protecting the unique character which stems from the landscape, buildings and military history of the area and this involves retaining many of the heritage

buildings and mature trees that gave the original air base its distinctive feel.

In order to promote and educate the public about their visions for the development, it was essential that HLC have a central facility where people visiting the site could learn more about the aspirations and proposed amenities. Early in 2014, HLC sought Salmond Reed’s assistance in developing an Information Centre.

Hobsonville Point’s Catalina CafĂ©, located in a building that was once the home of administrative and planning functions for the Air Force, was already a focal point for visitors, and it made sense to locate the Information Centre in the unused portion of this same building and create a large, relaxing, light and airy space, suitable for the display of visual and printed information.

Office space for the Centre along with kitchen/bathroom facilities and a separate office tenancy, were also included in the design. Modern neutral finishes provide an appropriate backdrop for the vibrant and informative displays.

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