Auckland War Memorial Museum

Since the early 1990s, Salmond Reed has been engaged in an ongoing capacity to provide conservation planning management and policy guidance to the Museum administration.

When our advice was first sought, the buildings were suffering from years of deferred maintenance and one of our first tasks was to assist the Museum administrators to prepare a successful application to the U.S. based Getty Foundation to procure a conservation grant to help fund the buildings’ repair and preservation.

Procuring this funding was the important first step in establishing a Conservation Plan and a subsequent Conservation Protocol for the future maintenance, planning and funding of repairs to these significant structures.

The bulk of Salmond Reed’s ongoing work with the Museum comprises day-to-day technical advice and documentation, specification, tendering and management of specialised repair contracts to various aspects of the Museum’s built fabric –which includes stonework, plasterwork, metal windows, parapets and roofs.

Salmond Reed’s continuing involvement ensures that maintenance issues are recognised and planned for and that appropriate technical solutions are applied in a timely fashion with full regard for sensitive heritage fabric and in accordance with best practice conservation principles.


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