The Maori Hall: A Conservation Plan

Constructed in 1907 to the design of architect Arthur Daw, the Maori Hall had a varied early history but has belonged to the Presbyterian Church since 1930 and during WWII it became the Auckland Maori Presbyterian Church. The name Maori Hall has remained from this period.

In 2004 the Maori Presbytery gifted the hall to the Pacific Island Presbyterian Church [PIPC] who in 2010 approached Salmond Reed to carry out a Conservation Plan including a condition assessment in preparation for repairs and upgrading they wished to carry out.

The Church obtained a grant from the Heritage Fund of former Auckland City Council

(now Auckland Council) to enable this plan to be prepared.

This Conservation Plan which assessed the hall as having considerable heritage significance, will assist with the use, maintenance and management of any changes, to ensure the minimum loss of core cultural values and heritage fabric and will assist the Church in its deliberations and consideration of future maintenance work, noting that any future work to the building will require compliance with the Building Act and codes.

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