Sunbeams Private Kindergarten

This project to create a private kindergarten in a quiet inner Auckland residential street involved removing an existing building and modifying a relocated villa to suit the needs of an early childhood learning centre – so combining the heritage and new-build aspects of Salmond Reed’s expertise.

The Clients’ stated aim was to achieve an atmosphere of nostalgia, to create a step back in time to a beautiful place where values and techniques of past years would be respected and practiced on a daily basis. Their aim to provide an environment for children to build lasting friendships, develop knowledge and respect for our planet and gain confidence in exploring and making discoveries was to be supported through the use of natural materials which would create a light and rustic, peaceful, relaxed and welcoming interior and exterior series of spaces for the purpose of housing and facilitating young children’s journey of learning throughout their early years.

Salmond Reed’s work included investigation of the regulatory framework, preparation of concept drawings, working drawings, consents applications and contract observation over the course of the twelve month project. The interior fitout covered not only the selection of standard lighting, systems and materials, but also the design of a number of bespoke features to enhance the deliberately domestic scale of the spaces.

Interior and exterior colour scheme recommendations and landscape design also formed part of the project works.

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