Heritage Reports And Studies

Heritage conservation

We believe that architectural heritage and places of cultural significance provide a valuable contribution to the identity and sense of place of New Zealand. Our conservation team at Salmond Reed Architects are able to provide a wide variety of professional reporting for the conservation of heritage buildings.

Surveys and reports

We provide a comprehensive service in assessing the condition of buildings or structures. We have specialists that are qualified in working at height and can offer surveys and inspection using the latest technologies of 3d scanning and Drone photographic and inspection surveys. We have specialist knowledge of heritage buildings and trained building surveyors who are able to undertake detailed analysis of defects and moisture problems and provide recommendations for solutions.

We are able to provide a wide variety of reports for different purposes including, photographic recording, conservation records, illustrated maintenance plans and databases. We pride ourselves on producing high quality documentation and employ new technologies such as rectified photographic drawings as tools for clear communication.

Specification, schedules of work and contract administration

We also provide detailed specifications and illustrated schedules of repair and conservation for the procurement and managing complex conservation projects. We have staff experienced in the use and specification of traditional materials and the procurement and administration of complex conservation and repair projects. We can also provide advice and guidance on applications to Lottery Grants for repair and restoration projects.

Thematic studies

These studies identify key development 'themes' for areas to highlight gaps in District Plan lists and suggest additional heritage items to better protect and manage the areas historic heritage. Such items are further assessed against District Plan Criteria and if the appropriate threshold is reached they are proposed as additions to the lists through the Plan Change procedure.


The practice has been involved in notable infrastructure projects including a range of heritage assessments required for the City Rail Link. SRA has been involved in this project from the earliest days as part of the design team; our contributions have included individual assessments for the Albert Street Canopies, and stormwater re-alignment, Durham Street retaining wall and toilets, providing heritage advice to all phases of the CRL project and developing heritage impact assessments for the new station at Karangahape Road.

We were also involved in the Auckland Metro Rail Electrification project, identifying all remaining heritage railway structures in the Auckland suburban rail corridor including stations, signal boxes, over-bridges and other structures to understand the heritage issues associated with the electrification of the network and to suggest ways in which electrification could proceed while respecting the heritage buildings. Similar work has been undertaken in relation to the widening of Sandringham and Dominion Roads.

Area / precinct studies

Various studies have been undertaken for urban / suburban precincts including to better understand the various heritage items they contain and to examine their interrelationship.

Conservation plans and heritage assessments

These detailed documents are often written when significant change is contemplated to scheduled and listed buildings, to provide an in depth understanding of heritage significance of the building and its component parts, identify constraints and provide policies to guide future work—we have prepared more than 200 of these. Individual heritage assessments have been prepared for a wide range of civic, industrial, commercial, ecclesiastical, educational and residential buildings. These normally form part of the resource consent application for alteration or modification.

Heritage scheduling assessments

These assessments evaluate individual buildings and areas against Auckland Unitary Plan criteria for inclusion in the AUPOP Schedule of Historic Heritage including houses, office and civic buildings, shops.

Planning and peer review

Auckland Unitary Plan Operative, in Part (AUPOP) expert witness in relation to proposed Onehunga Historic Heritage Area and individually scheduled buildings. Peer review of scheduling assessments by other heritage consultants.

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